Forbicon Oy – Development and specialist services in forest bioeconomy

Forest bioeconomy is a business that deals in renewable raw materials obtained from forests. Examples of this are: wood production, procurement of industrial wood and biomass, traditional forest industries, forest biomass based energy production, and the more recent development and manufacture of bioproducts. Examples of the companies in forest bioeconomy area are wood harvesting and transport companies, sawmill or other wood processing companies, energy wood procurement companies or heat or power plants which use energy wood as feedstock.

If your company works in forest bioeconomy and you have been thinking about developing your business, we provide specialist know-how especially in this business area.

In addition to business companies, many other organisations operates in the forest bioeconomy area. If your organisation is planning or currently running a development project in a forest bioeconomy related field, we can offer our expertise, based on strong practical experience, to support your projects. If required, we can also take over the total organisation for the project.