Martti Kettunen, company owner and managing director


  • Master of Economic Sciences
  • Forestry Engineer
  • Education in company management and leadership training, latest of which is the Business Executive Program in 2014 at Aalto University.

Expertise and experience acquired in earlier working life:

  • Organising and managing wood and biomass procurement
  • B2B experience, customer acquisition and business relations management
  • Networking management
  • Company management and strategic work
  • Business development, organising and leading ventures and projects
  • International business
  • Specialist and observational duties for, among others: Metsäteollisuus ry, Puuenergia ry, the strategic group on bioenergy for the Regional Council of Central Finland

Additional information: LinkedIn

martti-kettunenMartti Kettunen has worked for the UPM-Kymmene Group and its preceding companies with duties in wood and biomass procurement, biomass business, and international trade. In these duties, he has amassed diverse experience of wood procurement and the forest industry. Mr. Kettunen has acquired his know-how related to company management and development through training, and applied this information to his work involving aspects such as strategic work, large-scale development projects to improve competitiveness and quality, and launching new business activities. He has more than a decade’s worth of experience of the B2B field and of international trade. In his work, he has built a large network of interest groups in the domestic and international forest and energy industries, as well as a great general grasp of the operational environments and preconditions of the aforementioned industries.

”Thus I am familiar with the practical operations of wood and biomass procurement, company management demands, actions required by the company’s financial administration and competitiveness, and strategic and development work at the enterprise level. These are the things I have worked with for two decades now.”