Developing the management system

Includes mapping the company management practices and tools, and making proposals for perceived needs for change and improvement. Some examples of this are:

  • creating company’s quality system or updating it to better serve the company’s needs
  • developing the company’s internal instructions and planning communication for the instructions
  • developing the company’s goal setting, measurement systems, and results follow-up
  • developing strategic work

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Developing financial administration and internal reporting

Financial administration involves, in addition to statutory accounting, the company’s internal financial planning and reporting development to better meet the requirements of increased competitiveness and easier management. This service may entail, for instance, analysing the company’s cost structure so that operational cost savings are achieved and profitability is increased. In the same manner we can examine the profitability of the various business areas or units, based on which company resources can better be allocated to the most profitable areas.

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Managing and developing personnel to support the company's success

Personnel management services include mapping personnel skills, know-how, and commitment, as well as devising the plan of required actions. This clarifies, among other things, how well aware the personnel is as regards the requirements of their employer’s success. Also, it reveals how familiar the staff is with the customers’ needs and how these aspects are realised in the daily work of each employee.

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Developing the management of customer acquisition and customer relations

The company’s customer base, history, interaction, and satisfaction are analysed. Based on this analysis, we create a development plan for customer relations management with the aim of increasing the competitiveness and interest of the company’s services. If necessary, we can also create a plan for customer base development.

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Identification of company's information streams and effective organisation of information systems

The field’s best practices are introduced to the company’s data management in the desired scale, with the aim of improving the efficiency of daily operations.

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Mapping operational processes and interfaces and enhancing practical tasks

Identifying the operational processes and their interfaces is a basic requirement for their development and intensification. In addition to practical operation management, the operational processes affect data system planning and staff responsibilities.

The operational process can be related to data handling, such as an order placed by the customer that is handled inside the company so that a work order is created for a particular employee. However, the operational process can also be more concrete and larger, such as logging and delivery according to an order placed at or by a sawmill. These processes have interfaces to external groups (such as the seller of timber or customer’s production plant), or internal interfaces to the various units or employees within the company.

Our services help you to identify the operational processes and to develop issue handling inside the processes and in the interfaces so that the processes function better and there are fewer mistakes.

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Finding new business opportunities

Significant growth is expected in the Finnish bioeconomy sector, and there are already several related investment plans and definitions of policies in place. If your company wishes to be a part of this expansion, Forbicon Oy will help in finding suitable opportunities for you.

Based on the company’s strengths and strategic goals (such as growth, increased profitability, minimising risks, building on strong areas, and so on) we seek the best possibilities for company expansion or for moving to a new business area.

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