Forest bioeconomy specialist services

Expertise and practical experience in the field:

  • for creating guidelines
  • for preparing legislation
  • for educational purposes
  • to address organisational information requirements with special forest bioeconomy issues
  • for developing new operational models, services, or products
  • for international development and cooperation projects
  • for launching a new services or taking a product to market

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Organising, coordinating, and managing projects and ventures

Administrative tasks required by carrying out a venture or development project, such as:

  • creating a project plan
  • compiling the necessary organisation and people
  • coordinating project implementation
  • aiding in securing funding
  • reporting the results and organising execution

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Organising and developing wood and biomass procurement

Solid know-how in raw materials procurement planning and execution. The service includes the following:

  • mapping raw material availability
  • drafting a cost estimate for raw materials
  • planning and optimising procurement channels and logistics
  • planning raw materials receiving and handling
  • organising the execution for raw materials procurement
  • analysing and development of the current state of raw materials procurement

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